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 If you have never been to a longarm quilter before you may not know how pricing is set for various services they perform. There is no standard way to price, so  each longarmer sets their prices in a way that is comfortable for them. For me, I like a simple process for me to calculate and one where my customers walk out after our consultation knowing exactly what their requested services will cost. My many satisfied customers appreciate this.

Prices are based on the size of the quilt  and the type of  quilting requested. There are NO additional setup fees. Thread charges are based on the size of the quilt since naturally a larger quilt will need more thread. I use high quality Superior threads with  all 134 colors on hand. 
Specialty threads are priced upon  request.


 For overall  or Edge to Edge quilting I have hundreds 
of designs from which to choose and I continue to add new ones that I think my customers will like.  
 If you would like to estimate what your charges might be  please use the information below. 
 There is a $55 minimum charge per basic quilt.
 There is a $70 minimum charge per custom quilt.

 Basic Edge to Edge ESTIMATE  = $.02 per sq. inch
 This is the simplest and most economical choice. It  
 consists of a continuous quilting design that
 goes from one edge of the quilt to the other, either a freehand or computerized design.
 Example price:  80” X 88” = (7040 inches) $140.80             
 All Over interior design with separate border design
                 ESTIMATE  =$.03 per sq. inch
 This service includes 2 quilting designs. For example,
 an edge to edge quilting design in the quilt interior and a separate design in the border.

 Example price: 80” X 88”= (7040 inches) $211.20
 Custom   ESTIMATE…...............$.04 to $.06 per sq. inch
 Custom detailed quilting is much more time and labor intensive and 
may include special designed block patterns, stitch in the ditch, echo quilting, filler  around appliqués, sashings and other custom work with background stippling. Custom quilting 
 may be anything from simple custom to much more complex and heirloom quilting. The price level is based on the complexity and length of time to complete.

 Example price: 80” x 88” = (7040 inches)                                                                  $281.60 to  $462.00
 Other Services
 Binding: Double binding will be prepared and machine stitched to 
 the front of quilt. One yard of binding fabric is required. Any fabric  remaining will be returned to you.
 ..... $.15 per linear inch (customer finishes the hand   
       stitching to the back of the quilt.
 .… $.30 per linear inch (I will cut, piece and attach to
       the front and hand stitch to back of the quilt).  
  Other quilt making services may be provided upon

Please refer to the HOW for tips on preparing your quilt for long arm quilting.

Prices effective for custom quilting  1/1/2018
Previous price increase E2E & custom 11/10/2014

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